Turn Table – The Anatomy of a Pitch


A play we made with @NBStudio about creativity, honesty and a pitch that goes horribly, horribly wrong.


img_4092-2Created for the Design Indaba Festival 2016. NB Studio had been invited to give a talk at the festival, but didn’t want to do the same-old powerpoint presentation that the audience will have seen a million times before from a million other people. We worked with them to explore honesty and creativity in play where a design agency pitch to a client goes horribly, horribly wrong. Starting with NB’s brief of the design pitch, we developed it into a 45 minute play. The play was structured around NB Studio’s Creative Courage design manifesto:

*Learn the rules before you break them
*Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups
*Indecision kills
*Become your customer
*If everything is important – nothing is important
*Tell the truth. Be on Time.
*Life’s too short not to be a designer.

Alan Dye and Nick Finney of NB Studio

(There was a principle that wasn’t used in the final piece, but which is a favourite of ours – ‘There are no bad decisions, just decisions’. Don’t be paralysed by which way to go. Sometimes you just have to ‘do’.)




We then took Turn-Table was to Design Yatra in Jaipur, India in October 2016.






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