Aula takes to the stage in this year’s VAULT festival, teaming up with Simon Evans to create the companion piece to their runaway success THE VANISHING MAN.

In sixty minutes, mankind will vanish… Time is running out, but two hypnotists know what to do. The creators of THE VANISHING MAN turn to Humanity’s Last Great Hope: you.

But you’re just innocent bystanders in this; unique individuals bearing witness to the little story of Artificial Intelligence, time travel and the destruction of us all. You’re certainly not the collective personification of a time manipulating, all powerful sentience borne out of exponentially improving self-taught computer code. But can you prove it…?

Directors and performers David Aula (The Cement Garden – VAULT Headliner, Personal Enemy – 59E59 NYC, MEAT – Theatre503) and Simon Evans (Arturo Ui – Donmar Warehouse, Bug and The Dazzle – Found111) team up again following the huge success of THE VANISHING MAN, to explore hypnotism and the human mind.

A time-travelling, mind-manipulating, species-saving examination of what really happens when mankind, in full sight of an audience, simply ceases to be.

Now… Just relax.Spinning-Baby.gif

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